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Doreen Agostino – ‘Idle No More’ Affects Everyone – 12 January 2013

DoreenSubsequent to my post link Kristin Moe wrote this article for YES! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas and practical actions. Kristin writes about climate, grassroots movements, and social change.

Idle No More has organized the largest mass mobilizations of indigenous people in recent history. What sparked it off and what’s coming next? Continue reading

Doreen Agostino – Laughter – Best Medicine – 15 September 2012

Laughter is medicine and perhaps a great ‘magnet’ to stabilize peace.

As you smile breathe in peace and send it where it can do the most good. Please watch and share this 1 MIN peace video. http://youtu.be/OmHAut6D5RM Thank you. Continue reading