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Global Voice Radio 2012 Network Blogtalkradio – Drake Mid-Week Update – 15 August 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves, it might be not your truth, the whole truth, a distorted truth or even a blatant lie. You have to discern and see what is your truth that needs not be someonelses truth.)

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Global Voice Radio 2012 Network Blogtalkradio – Drake Mid-Week Update – 8 August 2012

( Lucas : Discern yourselves as it might not be your truth, the whole truth or even be a distorted truth. You will decide what is your truth. But that does not mean others have to have your truth as theirs. Also know that sometimes things are not as they seem or are told with a certain intent or with a  hidden agenda or a purposely false information. Be also aware of the fact it is you that has to take responsibility for your live. It does also mean you can not give responsibility  away to a  so-called saviour or somebody wanting to p://www.blogtalkradio.cosave you  or lead you. Each of you is always yourself  in the end accountable for his or her actions and choices.  Take that to heart in all your read, hear and see.)

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Global Voice Radio 2012 Blogtalkradio Network – Drake Mid-Week Update – Preemptive Preparedness – 27 June 2012

(Via Drake his news briefing e-mail to me: Lucas, recommend to listen!)

JB Brown says this about Drake’s Call Tonight–be sure not miss it.:

OMG: U have NO clue what exciting news DRAKE is going 2 share today! BE sure U are listtening live OR listen 2 the recording! DRAKE will talk 6pm-9pm today live @  ( For European Main Land Listeners that is 28 June 01.00 AM, or this night!)