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Drake – 2 Updates – 16 August 2012

1- Cease & Desist – Neil Keenan Papers

From: Neil Keenan
To: ’Drake Bailey’
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:05 PM
Subject: Emailing: Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

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Cease & Desist UBS-BIS + Evidence (05-14-12)

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Drake – Update – 12 August 2012

(Lucas: Discern yourselves!)

Get Ready…Get Set…

Today’s show will be different than any you have heard before.
As most know, I was on radio with Mr. Webber. I explained some sciences
only a very few have a working knowledge of.
You might want to listen very closely and carefully, as this is the personal
application of those sciences…just for you and everyone, everywhere.

Drake – Another Drake Update – 5 August 2012

Jurisdiction – Kirk MacKenzie


Jurisdiction – Kirk MacKenzie


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Drake – Update – 4 August 2012

Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III



On July 19, 2012, for the first time in United Nations history, a third double veto was cast, by Russia and China, preventing the United Nations from becoming a party to the conflict in Syria, and restoring legitimacy to the United Nations as an independent and impartial international organization, no longer an instrument beholden to and dominated by one member state.  Even more significantly, the third Russian-Chinese veto deprived the US-NATO forces of the possibility of claiming that their actions were supported by the international community, and denied any moral authority to subsequent US-NATO military action in Syria, and beyond, unmasking such military action as naked aggression.
more to come

Drake – Another Update – 4 August 2012

(Lucas : You, have to discern yourselves and see what het is that is brought to your attention and if that is really what  you thought or think it to be or not. So do not ask why I post things as I  let you see what info is out there . Just see for yourselves  if it is your truth or not.)

G. Edward Griffin “The Champion of Liberty”

G. Edward Griffin (born November 7, 1931) is an American film producer, author, and political lecturer.

He is perhaps best known as the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), a critique of much modern economic theory and practice, specifically the Federal Reserve System.

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Drake – Another Update – 3 August 2012

Chick-fil-A harasser gets served his walking papers

Drake – Another 3 Updates – 3 August 2012

Oldie but Goldie


The TRUTH is the TRUTH!!!

This has been around before…But it makes you stop and think!  WHAT DID HAPPEN!

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