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Global Voice 2012 Radio Network Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 3 October 2012

(Lucas : Discern yourselves in everything you hear, see and read. It might not be your truth, it might be a distorted truth, or even a blatant lie. Know that people can be influenced or manipulated and know also they can have themselves hidden agendas or are wanting to manipulate you.  Be no follower and be your own leader, guru, commander, authority or whatever. In the end there is only you that has to decide yourself and it  is you that is solely responsible for his or her choices and actions.)

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Global Voice 2012 Radio Netwok Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 1 August 2012

1 August  2012  – 6.00 PM  CENTRAL USA and 2 August 2012  – 01.00 AM  EST -European Mainland
Home of DRAKE.  Tonight Drake will be giving mid-week updates concerning our freedom.
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