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Visionkeeper – Drama – 16 March 2014

autumn-candle-flame-light-Favim.com-968700(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I keep getting such strong yet conflicting feelings recently concerning this missing Malaysian plane. While I am deeply saddened for the families of those missing aboard flight 370 and knowing their grief must be incapacitating from their roller coaster ride from grief to hope to fear and back again, I cannot dispel my suspicions that this situation could possibly be a humongous and very cruel distraction. I certainly hope not.  I sincerely hope that people around the world are paying close attention to their Governments and what is going on behind the scenes while the world is so conveniently wrapped up in this drama unfolding, not to mention the minute by minute coverage keeping everyone transfixed to what is happening. In other words, I just have to say, SOMETHING does not feel right about this, unfortunately I cannot clarify my feelings more as I am just as baffled as the next person is. Continue reading


Lucas – A Nightcap, Articles From Steve Beckow And A Video – 5 July 2012

I just wrote my short article about “We Can Do This If We Want To Together”. I refer to my own writing here in general. So I have not written it with someone particular someone in mind.

Here  also follow two articles Steve sent me by e-mail to post on my blog. I give you the links to it and you can read them at www.the2012scenario.com as I had a very energy pulling week almost behind me. Still I do these last postings for I go to sleep. Also I will give you a video from  Tom Lescher and thank Laura Bruno for pointing  it out to me. Continue reading