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Visionkeeper – Keep Reaching – 29 August 2013

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We must never stop reaching for what we want. We have everything available to us to live our lives exactly as we want them to be, so never stop reaching for the next thing you choose to be or do. What you can create in your mind can be yours if you strive for it and believe in it. Just like wishing for a peaceful world. We can create it with our minds and hearts and intentions. We were created by source where nothing is ever lacking therefore we are never lacking except in our own minds. Reach high and think big, it is all there for the taking if we desire. Too many forget to keep reaching and dreaming or else they have just plain given up. What you must realize is that no, you won’t get to live your dreams in the 3D drama of the darklands. You must wiggle free of the illusion and free yourself before you can begin to manifest your dreams, unless of course you dream of war and death and destruction. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Activate Your Dreams – 23 June 2012

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Daydreaming is such a wonderful adventure, kind of like lucid dreaming on steroids. We sit back and space off into our dreams and watch ourselves doing and being and having all of our hearts desires. So now is the time to take that daydreaming to a whole new level and begin manifesting what we desire. What good are dreams if they just stay dreams? People dream and long for certain things for their life yet they feel let down when their dreams never materialize. Continue reading