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Dreamwalker – Aeterna Celebration – 21 January 2012

Enjoy yourself with every waking moment… there is not another moment like it anywhere in the universe.

I am Aeterna

[My favorite galaxy! How are you doing Aeterna?]

I am fine, you have made much progress since we talked last. It is good to see you reaching out past your bounds and connecting with ALL around you. In small but significant ways! Continue reading

Dreamwalker – Archangel Michael – Michael, The Way Back Becomes The Way Ahead – 10 January 2012

You are light form in the heavens. There is nothing stopping you from your journey. I AM Michael. There is much to be joyful for, be thankful, enjoy yourselves. You are a light cadre and you will not be suppressed, nor denied, nor will you awaken to any more days of Cabal rule. Those days are behind you now, they are no longer even a memory. As you forget your days of cruelty and survival, you will embrace the moment of divine ascension and abundance, for the kingdom of heaven is yours. Do not be afraid of this moment, as we have been sending you messages on your electronic devices with increasing frequency to let you know we are here watching over you. 11:11, 1:11, 12:12, these numbers may be familiar to you. This is the sign that we are here, and you are on the right path. Many other numbers guide you on your way, reassuring we are here. Continue reading

Adama -Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls – 1 November 2011

Adama Through Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls. via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com  posted by Wes Annac

Adama channeled through Dreamwalker

Crystal Skulls


>Adama, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy, and Selphia sends her blessings as well.

>Thank you, Adama. I send my love and gratitude to both of you!

Thank you, Troy. You on on a new path discovering the stone people, which I wanted to talk to you about. But you have discovered several things already about them, you have been drawn to them, and they enjoy your attention.

Spirits live within the stones, but it is up to you to bring the out to play.

They love to play, you know – they are filled with love and joy as you have already experienced. They will help in whatever way they can. Something like a medium’s familiar. They have certain properties that may help emphasize your intent or focus it as the case may be. Continue reading