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Kauilapele – KP Message…For All Galactic Travelers: “Time To Stop, Drop, And Stand Up… STOP Stirring The Fear Pot, DROP The Fear, And STAND UP With The Light” – 13 May 2012

I’ve read some things lately, and had to stop reading them, because they were all saying exactly the same thing: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

You know what those “things” are, what those articles are, and what those sites are. Just go to your internet search engine and type in any of the following words, and you’ll find some of them: doom, Obama, Bush, Clinton, 2012, NWO, cabal, USA, government, conspiracy, popcorn, macadamia nuts (okay, maybe the last two don’t fit here; but I would not be surprised if someone wrote articles about how the “cabal” has rigged microwave popcorn and macadamia nut packages to explode all at once, everywhere around the world, on December 21, 2012, blinding everyone on the planet, and allowing the dark ones to take over a very shocked (although much tastier and nuttier) planet). Continue reading

U.S. Stock Futures Drop on Signs Global Financial-System Risks Are Growing

U.S. Stock Futures Drop on Signs Global Financial-System Risks Are Growing By Kana Nishizawa and Shani Raja – Sep 22, 2011 via bloomberg.com