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Wes Annac – Conversations With Mikos – 1 February 2011

Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: Hello again to my dear friend Mikos. How have you been? I can feel that it is another sunny and beautiful day of your infinite existence down there in the beautiful city of Telos.

Mikos: Greetings, Wesley! Indeed our Central Sun and naturally harmonious weather patterns have brought us another beautiful day. Of course, as you know daytime is constant here; we have no need to experience night time and so we do not. We enjoy the day in all of its bounty, on a never ending cycle of Light and it is how we prefer to Live. Of course, other ascended societies choose to experience the night, and that is of their own choice and Creation. Continue reading


Fran Zepeda – Message from Archangel Michael – Create! – 12 January 2012

 All who are of the Light are preparing for the momentous event of Ascension of Mother Earth. She is on her way at this very moment.  All who are ready will make this shift with her. Many have already made the shift, as you know. You are lifting yourselves daily as you allow the light to infiltrate and absorb your very being, dear ones. Every minute now you have a choice whether to allow this light to be your focus or to make illusion your focus. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – The Old Paradigm Of Duality Is Giving Way To The New Paradigm Of Unity – 13 December 2011

The Arcturian Group has chosen to look repeatedly at the theme of  unravelling the old paradigm to give place to the new. They told us on Dec. 12, 2011 that matters would soon come to a head. This leaves us with a choice between staying with the old or going with the new.

“Much is unraveling of the old paradigm although you cannot yet see it.  We see this coming to a head very shortly and you are being called upon to make a choice.  Do you wish to stay in what is familiar, no matter how discordant, or do you choose receptivity to something different although  as of yet you do not know what that is? Continue reading