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Lucas : Dutch Government Says Now To Be Convinced Of Gas Attack Syria’s Regime – 12 September 2013

SYRIA I am a ashamed to be Dutch and not only for refusing a substantial part of Syrian refugees into the country but foremost for  aiding a war effort against Syria without the required evidence of 100% proof. 

It is unbelievable but still true the Dutch Government not the Dutch are convinced in specific very careful chosen words that Assad must be guilty.

I will give you the Dutch and then translate :

[Hij voegt eraan toe “dat het Syrische regime hier met aan zekerheid grenzende waarschijnlijkheid verantwoordelijk voor is”.

The whole article in Dutch you can find at  : http://nos.nl/artikel/550429-kabinet-overtuigd-van-gifgas-syrie.html]

What is  important is that the sentence that I have accentuated is saying the same as we already have heard before…. by others…. There is no 100% percent certainty nor is that proven. Also the UN has reported on that still they do as if there is some certainty.

The words in the sentence accentuated state : with probability bordering onto certainty…. That is in not even nearly enough of 100% proof not even nearly enough to be called certain. In plain english they say we are not certain but it is the most probable explanation and therefore it must be true….. This sort of reasoning should be in court punished for the most inventive act of lying and we have heard Kerry also express the same sort of dubious language.  Continue reading