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Dutch, Australian Experts Reach MH17 Crash Site For 1st Time – 31 July 2014

RT logoDutch and Australian forensic teams have reached the Malaysian Airlines crash site in eastern Ukraine for the first time, accompanied by OSCE monitors, after almost a week of trying to access the scene.

Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash in Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

However, explosions have been heard close to the area, where the delegation is currently located according to the AFP and RIA Novosti news agencies.

There were four experts in the group, who used a new route to get to where the plane was downed. They had been trying daily to get to the crash site, but were unable to due to heavy fighting between Ukrainian troops and anti-government forces.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com /link to original article


Lucas – Dutch Claim Their Sovereignty Back, Will I – 22 September 2012

As a Dutch citizen and still in slavery to my capital letters to my name there is a movement now also over here to bring solutions to be free.  I am glad others have already now found thé or á  way and are teaching others and showing the way.  Niburu.nl and its international website Niburunews.com is reporting on it and showing in you tube movies the steps to claim sovereignty back.

Two Dutch people seem to have found the way to claim their complete sovereignty back from those Capital Letters that  made them from a normal human into a legal entity and slave called natural person. They have said good-bye to being subjects of the queen Beatrix of Orange, etc and are now apparently free humans. Continue reading

UFO near Dutch/Belgium Border Army Base 14 September 2011

Shell Defies Dutch Parliament Members and Ethics in Question To Stop Activities Syria

As a sign of the time the Big Corporations do the only thing that they can do make money and profit regardless of things happening and the ethics and  lives involved. Dutch Parliament members asked Shell 30th august 2011 to stop its activities according to the serious political situation and death toll of the Syrian people.  The answers Shell Netherlands CEO Dick Benschop gave are clear.

Shell doesn’t  stop its activities freely. Only if Shell Syria is getting in a conflict situation or human rights issues are involved they would consider.  Their workforce was exposed to danger as they would leave was an argument made. Only trade activities will be stopped if there will be a European boycott.

You can ask yourselves what human rights are in Shell’s interpretation. Is waiting on a European boycott the way.  If the oil trade would be stopped Syria could be hurt. About 30% of Syria’s National income is being made that way.

A Dutch parliament member said that companies have more influence than governments. Also a sign of the times and still for now also a right statement. The world needs to get people back into power not the few in power with the money.