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DutchNews – The Netherlands, Sweden, Britain Refuse To Sign Off EU 2012 Books – 19 February 2014

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : My view : You mean “cooking the books” or creatively filling the gaps of the books.  Of course that is difficult  with all that “so-called” transparency. There is no accountability only a big stage play of smoke screens for those poor ones still believing the system and their leaders. We forget of course the black book accounts  of the shadows…… They need also to be happy and fill their pockets behind the scenes. The crooked criminal system needs to stop. All what is going on now is part of the game of demise of the system that will not anymore be supported in the new… Change is coming! Wake up!)

The Netherlands, Britain and Sweden on Tuesday voted against approving the EU’s accounts for 2012 because of an increase in mis-spending.

Quote: The Netherlands voted against approving the books because there are still too many uncertainties about the accounts. The error rate has again risen – from 3.9% in 2011 to 4.8% in 2012.

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DutchNews – 1.2 Million Dutch Households Below Poverty Line, 11% Of Children Are Poor – 3 December 2013

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : On a 16.8 million population november 2013 that is 14% in total and that is in my view just also a number that is not fully telling the story. There are lots more that struggle but are not getting a benefit or have to wait to get a benefit  and a lot  even have so many debts that they live without being registered as poor in their dire situations. The problem lies also in the more difficult way to get a benefit at all when totally out of options and also in getting free of charge judicial help or court entrance. Even the prevention of problems and  debt cumulation is due to the filled to the brink waiting lines for the help not a real option.  More get into a personal default.   I think the  total of the group than lives up or beneath the poverty line is larger and that will be more like 25%. That is in line with the other countries that are also in debt and under austerity measures struggling in the EU/Eurozone.)

At least 1.2 million people were living in poverty in the Netherlands last year, a rise of over 150,000 people on 2011, according to a new report.

Research by the national statistics office CBS and the government’s socio-cultural think-tank SCP, shows 7.6% of the population is now living below the poverty line. Last year’s rise is the sharpest since the economic crisis began in 2008.

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DutchNews -Security Service Tries To Recruit Students, Hacks Internet Forums – 2 December 2013

dutchnews-logoThe Dutch security service AIVD has been attempting to recruit students to act as informants, the AD reports on Monday.

The paper, which bases its claims on its own research, says the students are being recruited to inform officials about student protests at home and abroad.

Many of the students who have been approached feel they have been intimidated. All were initially approached by someone who introduced themselves as a home affairs ministry civil servant.

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DutchNews – 2015 May Be A Good Moment For ABN Amro Flotation: CEO Zalm – 30 October 2013

dutchnews-logoABN Amro chief executive Gerrit Zalm sees early 2015 as a good time to float ABN Amro on the stock exchange ‘if [the economy] really starts to grow this year and that is translated into figures’.

However, Zalm told parliament’s finance committee on Wednesday that no one would be hurt if the stock exchange launch takes place later and finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is at liberty to delay a decision.

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DutchNews – MPs Want Answers On Rabobank, Editorials Call For More Heads To Roll – 30 October 2013

dutchnews-logoJustice minister Ivo Opstelten has been urged to come clean about how much he knew about the settlement reached by Rabobank over the Libor interest rate scandal.The Dutch regulatory authorities fined Rabobank €70m for its role in the affair, just under 10% of the total fine of €774m. Rabobank admitted 30 staff were involved in manipulating interest rates between 2005 and 2011.

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DutchNews – US And NL Agreed In 2010 To Update Nuclear Bombs, TV Show Claims – 13 September 2013

dutchnews-logo( Lucas : More and more hidden truths and hidden agendas are exposed day by day…… so that is why we could not buy an other jet or why those other jet plane options were not good enough and we were steered to buy JSF and now  all JSF planes.  Yes it shows. Or was it a package deal maybe?  Things begin to become very clear and  it shows again how “We The People” are lied to and have to pick up the bill for our  so-called  “Nuclear Weapons” free country with good USA and Israeli connections that most people thought still to be  NOT having any nuclear warheads or missiles.  It is for those already suspecting this  for a long time no news but it is for those still not seeing it a wake up call…The million times over warning to be discerning what your government,  your parliament and your so-called officials tell you and what is the real truth and reality. Wake up!)

12 september 2013

Television current affairs show Reporter will claim tonight that the Netherlands agreed with the US in 2010 to station new nuclear weapons at the Volkel airbase in Brabant. Continue reading

DutchNews – Judges Pull Out Of Cases Focusing On Former Justice Ministery Boss – 10 September 2013

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : This is about cases of alleged child abuse relating to this former boss : Demmink.  Even after the Helsinki Commission urged to get proper investigation of the claims still no judge is taking the case….. So is the real face shown?  Which judge will take the court case and has no fear of a former boss that should not interfere in “so-called” being impartial judges ruling the case. If the case can not be ruled upon for this reason the whole impartiality of the judicial system is  at stake. A real new precedent is in the making to hide for the reason impartiality the real truth as it can not be trialed….. )

Two court cases relating to the former secretary-general of the justice ministry are running into trouble because of a shortage of judges willing to take them, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

Joris Demmink retired last year and several judges have turned down the cases because they knew him personally, the Volkskrant said.

One case centres on claims made in the AD newspaper that Demmink abused several children in the 1980s. Demmink is taking legal action against the newspaper.

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DutchNews – Dutch Court Forbids Terror Suspect Deportation To US On Torture Doubts – 23 July 2013

The appeal court in The Hague has called a halt to the deportation of terror suspect Sabir K to the US.The court said there is still too much uncertainty over the involvement of America in K’s torture following his arrest in Pakistan.‘The court is of the opinion the Dutch state has not done enough to make sure the US was not involved with the torture of Sabir K in Pakistan,’ the judgment said.

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DutchNews – ABN AMRO Gets Ready For Privatisation, If The Timing Is Right – 22 July 2013

( Lucas : If people do not know : here is some background. Dijselbloem has become minister of finance in the Dutch cabinet on 5th november 2012, he also got 21st january chairman of the Eurogroup ministers. Also Zalm has served in several cabinets as minister of fianance and stopped being in politics in 2006.  He got working for DSB Bank as financial director and head economics.  DSB Bank got negative in the news about the mortgages and loans they made. DSB Bank finally got  forced into bankruptcy. Zalm was chairman of The International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation (IASCF) and also got working as vice-president of the board of directors of ABN-AMRO on the fusion of the bank with Fortis Bank Netherlands. The ABN-AMRO got bailed out as bank by the Dutch people and got nationalized. In my view the inbred relationships of bankers and former high-ranking politicians that have also lots of inside knowledge should be prohibited to have any function that .This is one of many things that got politics corrupted, the inside knowledge, lobbyist insertion of favourable laws and policies,   institutional groups and so-called think tanks and non-profit groups where politicians are part of or member, conflict of interest gets that way normal, etc. Ethics and morals in this sector are rarely found. The following article shows there is still talk but no real progress abandoning bonuses and paying back bonuses . The people get still hit  with more austerity measures for all sort of debts that is not theirs as it was fraudulent in the first place.  Still the Dutch executives and bankers in payment are worldwide still in the top 5.) Continue reading

DutchNews – Justice Ministry Internet Taps Up Five Fold In One Year – 20 July 2013



Friday 19 July 2013

The number of internet taps carried out by Dutch police rose 500% to 16,600 last year, according to new justice ministry figures.

By contrast, the number of phone taps rose just 3% to nearly 25,500 despite doubts about their usefulness. And the number of requests for information about phone calls – such as the location calls were made from – reached almost 57,000, up 10% on 2011.

The Netherlands sanctions more phone taps than any other country in the world. The figures do not include taps by the security services.

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