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Bloomberg – ECB Confronted By Banks Testing Exit, Threat To Recovery – 28 January 2014


(Lucas : Till now every so-called Euro zone stress test with the banks was a farce. The EU, The Euro zone and the banks in all countries are in a state of despair. The banks are already in worse shape as they say to be….testing exit means …. defaults and resets or it means more austerity shit hitting the fan… are they going to ditch the old system really or set up an old painted over system and sell it to you to be new…? Are you buying it all? Just make sure in the meanwhile you’ve  are prepared for a banking collapse… and be sweet and share and care for you neighbours and friends as we all want really change to happen but not in the old way!)

By Jana Randow and Corina Ruhe

Rising market rates are posing a dilemma for European Central Bank officials trying to keep their ultra-expansive monetary policy in place.

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