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eClinik – Dutch Preliminary Report On MH 17 Crash – 11 September 2014

We have made our own conclusion about the real cause of Flight MH-17 crashing into Ukrainian territory based on several reliable forensic analyses [here, here, here], and it is our opinion that such conclusion has stood the test of any falsehood against it.

Dutch Preliminary Report on MH 17 Crash

… by  Gordon Duff,  VT  Sr. EditorInternational experts widely agree that the projectile damage indicates rear angled 30mm cannon fire from both sides of the plane, hardly something to leave out of the initial report.

[ Editor’s note:  Dear readers, we have been waiting for and expecting this abomination. There were no surprises in the report below.

It came out later than originally planned as the Netherlands, part of NATO and one of the suspects in the murder of these 300 passengers, had expected Kiev to have crushed the New Republics by now, and be “negotiating” with them at the coup-meisters feet. That did not work out so well.

Read the full story at: www.clinik.wordpress.com/ link to original article

eClinik – Chinese Cabalists: New Carribean Pirates – 23 January 2014


One way of identifying who are the Cabalists here in Asia is to look at their attitude and actions. Why would you stash currencies to off-shore accounts?

This is what the hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party has done over the past few years.

Although they are so visible here, it was Karen Hudes who dropped the Jesuit word on RT when asked if economic reforms are indeed possible in this part of the world.

Communists and Jesuits are sweet bedfellows, too, of course.

Read the full story at: www.eclinik.wordpress.com /link to original article

eClinik – Eve Of The Last Revolution – 27 July 2012


We were in the thick and thin of our research into alternative energy sources and technologies. It was when we began to question why such technologies were never put to good use in spite of the grave condition that they said the planet is falling into. We could not reconcile the inconsistencies between the behavior of the governments with regards to these technologies and the perception that they wanted to induce into our collective consciousness, i.e. threat of global warming due to carbon emissions. Continue reading

eClinik – Putting The Final Pieces Before The Grand Checkmate – 26 April 2012

Even with several mainstream confirmations of the Fulford Updates, skepticism towards the forthcoming Paradigm Shift still persists. One of the most palpable of these confirmations is the hundreds of CEO resignations around the globe that we, among others have documented with extremely elevated enthusiasm, last February of this year.

Today, another Fulford confirmation pops up at RT.com: Continue reading

eClinik – Alternative Media Crackdown Intensifies – HOAX – Confirmed – 16 April 2012

Update: 16 April 2012 : David Wilcock apoligizes on his blog about posting this disclose.tv shut down hoax due to the emotional state he was in.  My discernment warning was not for nothing posted with it. In the research I did  and the information I got from other sources I was right. I had posted my discerment on this hoax within minutes. Also multiple readers om my blog warned me also about it. I am glad so many of you keep thinking for themselves and  use discernment.  See my original warning below. This warning  I wrote  with the blogged 14 april 2012 post. Continue reading

eClinik – Lien Claimants Demand 4.638.791.996 KGS Of Pure Gold From Federal Reserve: Prelude To Mass arrests – 16 April 2012

The United States Bullion Depository(Lucas : For those who have not been hearing it or need a summary this story is about to inform you on the trillion dollar lawsuit to be found in  David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny epos on his blog.  The lawsuit is not only real as you will discover but also has very great implications for the financial sector as it will bankrupt the FED and others who illegally printed money and obtained wealth from this gold that had to be returned but was not.) Continue reading

eClinik – Alternative Media Crackdown Intensifies – 14 April 2012

( I have to warn you that this story is probably spread by again as  a hoax as I can not find the organisations and find a couple of other things that are strange like changed DNS etc of the website- so this info I will give as discernment warning!)

In a sign of desperation, the Dark Cabal is now trying to shutdown the internet, one alternative medium at a time, to avert the publication of alternative viewpoints and the imminent arrests and disclosures of all hidden knowledge, and most of all the crimes of genocide that have been committed for centuries. The latest victim is disclose.tv, one of the very prominent alternative media that we are familiar with.

As of April 14, 2012 10:14PM GMT+8: Entering http://www.disclose.tv/ in your browser would yield this…

These fools really think they can stop the massive awakening of the “Useless Eaters”.

http://www.eclinik.wordpress.com link to original article

eClinik – Iceland Revolution (Why is it not reported?) – 13 April 2012

Disclaimer: We have no way of verifying this article except through this one article from SACSIS. This came only through a facebook update; posted as it is worded.

No news from Iceland… why? Continue reading

eClinik – Greece Cradle Of Civilization No More – 5 April 2012

For several months, Greece had been on the frontpage, not for her beauty, but for her worsening economic condition. But nothing could be worse than its people entertaining death as a possible way out. Or is it a sign of protest?

Read the good documented article : link to original article

eClinik – Massive Arrests Have Started 2.0 – The Clergy – 26 March 2012

We are all looking forward to massive arrests of bankers worldwide. Why not? They are the breed that sucked everybody to their last penny. Labeling them as Toxic Collective is simply not enough. But even then, they are not the greatest scums there is. The bankers pale in comparison to the Men in Robes. Instead of working behind desks inside fully air-conditioned rooms, they are at the heart of the community… But first, we must discharge this one right off…

Read more including example list: http://www.eclinik.wordpress.com link to original article first published 24 March 2012.