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EcoWatch – Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Nation’s First Renewable Energy Freeze – 14 June 2014


By Brandon Baker

It took two weeks, but now it’s official—Ohio is the nation’s first state to roll back renewable energy standards.

Quote: After the state House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 310 in May, Gov. John Kasich signature was all that was missing to ensure Ohio’s clean-energy fall from grace.

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EcoWatch – Will New Federal Law Facilitate Privatization Of U.S. Water? – 30 May 2014


Carey Biron, Mint Press News

Yet public interest groups warn that a key provision in the law would complicate public investment in drinking water and wastewater systems in big cities and small towns alike. The end result, they say, would be to strengthen privately-managed or -owned water systems while leaving the federal government to take on the risk of these investments—essentially subsidizing water privatization.

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EcoWatch – ALEC Agenda Reveals Anti-Renewable Energy Strategies For December Summit – 7 November 2013


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) had no success influencing states to roll back clean energy standards this year, but that doesn’t mean the organization is done trying.

For the first time, ALEC posted an online agenda for its Energy, Environment and Agriculture (EEA) task force, which will meet at the States and Nation Policy Summit Dec. 4-6 in Washington D.C. The agenda is seemingly filled with resolutions aimed at slowing the growth of key elements within the renewable energy sector.

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EcoWatch – Industrial Hemp : The Answer For A Greener Future – 4 June 2013

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EcoWatch – Michigan’s 21 Million Gallon Frack Job : A National Record? Ban Michagan Fracking – 8 February 2013

ecowatchlogoThe destruction of the world’s fresh water due to fracking is at the uppermost of our minds, as we live and drink the water in the Great Lakes state. How much water is being used for Michigan’s frack industry is now proven to be obscenely underestimated. Michigan may have set a national record for allowing Encana Oil & Gas USA to frack a natural gas well with more than 21 million gallons of water. Continue reading

EcoWatch – Breaking : Protesters Blockade Fracking Well Site In Ohio – Frackfree Mahoning Valley – 15 October 2012

More than 40 Ohio residents blockaded a fracking well site demanding “Clean Water, NOT Toxic Waste.”

The ODNR has permitted a horizontal fracking well inside the environmentally-protected zone of the Meander Reservoir in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley without consulting the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the overseeing Mahoning Valley Sanitary District. Continue reading

ECOWatch – Video Helps Landowners Take A Stand Against Fracking – 14 August 2012

Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State

Bill Feldman of Andes Works! describes the Responsible Associated Landowners of New York State, or REALNYS, as “a site by and for like-minded landowners who are against slick water, high volume hydrofracturing (fracking) of our lands to extract shale gas and oil.”

Feldman and fellow REALNYS board member Leigh Melander, also of Andes Works!, have put together a video to educate fellow landowners on the tactics of the gas industry so that citizens can make informed decisions about their land and engage in shaping public policy. Continue reading