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John Ward – Election 2015: Grant Shapps, Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, & Six Other Reasons Why Not To Vote – 17 March 2015

JohnWOver the last few days, a dozen or more of us have been enjoying a spirited Twitter debate about ‘to vote or not to vote’. For me, the answer will always depend on the political choice, the voting system, and the issues involved.

On the contemporary UK landscape, I have been disenfranchised for many years now. That’s because:

1. A ridiculously unrepresentative voting system dooms the entry of new players into the market. The denial of my right to tick a box called ‘None of the above’ is an obvious ploy by the Establishment to retain their oligarchic privilege in perpetuity.

2. Of the two ‘major’ Parties, one advocates a laissez-faire economic system that has failed wherever it’s been tried. The other fails to oppose many of the elements of that system, while at the same time offering a set of unaffordable and opportunistic policies that were tried and failed before. Both accept globalism, and neither are avowedly mutualist communitarian. Both have paymasters that do not represent the electoral mainstream. Continue reading


John Ward – Ed Miliband, Pro-European Labour Leader, Wants You To Give Him Your Vote In An EU Election Where He Consistently Ignores The Main Issue For 63.5% Of Voters – 21 May 2014


I’m sorry to Labour (gerritt??) this point, but take a look at these latest five tweets from the Ed Twitterband:ScreenHunter_67 May. 21 20.30You could be excused for wondering if there is, as such, a European continent just to the right of us here off the continental shelf.Why has nobody in the radio, TV, online or press mass media asked Mr Miliband about his 100% denial of the main talking point in tomorrow’s election?

www.hat4uk.wordpress.com / link to original article

John Ward – Life Under The Knife For David Cameron, Ed Miliband, George Osborne, Nigella Lawson, Rupert Murdoch, And Russell Brand – 8 May 2014

JohnW….Ed Miliband is backing David Cameron’s plan for tougher sentencing on the use of knives. “I’m in total agreement with the Prime Minister on the need to reduce knife violence,” he told a press conference this afternoon, “it must be stamped out”. Westminster sources later confirmed that equal sentences would be handed out whether Leaders had been stabbed in the front or the back. Continue reading

John Ward – Ed Miliband, Westminster, & The Paedophile Issue: A Succint Verdict – 5 March 2014


The time has come at last for even the more smug and sleepy among us to get real. This is the situation we have:

1. A gentleman with a posh name, a senior and shady role on Tory affairs (and no doubt the wearer of nice shoes) is in charge of seeking out naughty paedos – and has now been accused of being one of their number. Continue reading