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Jon Rappoport – A Clockwork Orange, Eden, Guilt, Sin, Mind Control – 27 March 2014

jon7Here’s a short quote from my unfinished manuscript, The Magician Awakes:

“How do you view a single life? Is it a platform from which a human launches his future, or must he double back and find out what is wrong with him?

“Is he compelled, through social training, to think of himself as flawed? Is that what we’re all coming to? Three or four generations from now, will everyone automatically see their lives as a mistake that demands correction?”

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Eden – 2013 Shift : The Physical Body And Becoming Light – 8 December 2012

light_body3-310x150(Lucas: For the record the shift will take place 21 December 2012)

What is happening right now with all the shifts?

What you will be experiencing is a leap between the physical aspects of your being and that of becoming a true Being of Light, one who has a greater understanding and awareness of knowing and being in physical existence but of being more greatly aware of how you attract, connect to, and exist across other realms simply because you are and exist as such.  This is often the transition a soul makes upon death of the physical body, of having to come in to understanding of their existence beyond physical matter. Continue reading