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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Feel The Breeze And Don’t Go Back To Sleep! – 14 April 2014

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The above photo shows three representations of the Tau Cross symbolism found all over the world – Mayan, Anasazi-Hopi, and Egyptian. All weekend long the messages have been coming with this symbol – reminding me of my time in Chaco Canyon. I was shown that this is the window that one must be ONE with to dissolve the perceived walls between dimensions. It is the present moment; the intersection between time and timelessness. One cannot remain attached to the many stories, identities, and dramas of the world AND resonate with, become one with, and pass through this breezeway. Concern yourself only with finding and matching the frequency of this breeze, and you become an inter-dimensional bridge, or portal on Earth. What happens when there are growing numbers of portals on Earth? Too many holes in the wall… and the wall will most certainly fall.

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IK [eek], IQ Common Mayan Usage: air, wind Qualities: spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities Symbol: spiral whirlwind, hummingbird Number: two (polarity) Colour: translucent white light Element: air Direction: north

“…We are now poised in a time when duality is transforming into unity. The polarities held in relationships, our male and female aspects – even the manifestation of karma – are all changing. We are moving into a time when the polar aspects of all things are coming together in truth. You are the creative field for the integration of the larger pattern of duality.” – Written by Uros Muluk

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”~ Rumi

Collectively we are “just in time,” poised on the threshold of this window, adapting to the frequency of the breeze…
And this is really happening.

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AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – The Shift is Done. Are You Still Feeling Loopy? – 2 April 2014

eileenmeyerI had a series of dreams a few nights ago that clearly validated what I’ve been sensing for awhile – what people have been referring to as THE SHIFT… well it HAS DONE SHIFTED. Oh the energies will continue to increase, and all that is false in our outer world will continue to crumble, but basically all that remains is our recognition, adaptation, and acclimation to the sheer power and beauty of what is real and natural – the truth of who we are. I laughed upon awakening from one of the dreams. Over my lifetime a lot of people have considered me to be the “loopy” one of the bunch. After you read this post you may see the irony along with me. In fact, the ones who made fun of me – with what I saw and sensed beyond the limited, and repetitive definitions of life on earth – were actually the ”loopy” ones. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Love Actually – A Message Of Encouragement – 29 March 2014

Red roseWe do encourage all of you at this time to observe your responses and reactions to the variety of awakening symptoms. Some reactions are seemingly not healthy, but understand in the larger context of what is occurring here, it is all understood with compassion. Your individual focus, it is encouraged, is to be attentive to your own responses, your own reactions, your own feelings. This is why we have stressed the work with your feelings so that you may more quickly and readily identify frequencies of fear and frequencies of love, and choose accordingly. Stay with Love. It seems simple. It seems like a, “…but of course I would choose love.” Permit me to say, that you may not always choose love – even in these times, with all of the practice, all of the studies, all of the workshops… we have altogether arrived at a time when all that you have understood, both intellectually and in heart, will be applied. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Contactee Series: Anchoring The Universal – Tim Hicks And EM Meyer – 26 March 2014

eileenmeyerOn March 20, 2014, Eileen and Tim talked about what it’s like to stay true to the Universal Identity after having directly experienced the activation and practice of a Universal Heart-network consciousness. It’s actually incredibly empowering and magical… until we get bombarded again with the daily “suggestion” of limiting, collective beliefs of friends, family, and media on a daily basis. It’s why we continue to communicate with each other – to continue to strengthen and anchor this Universal Heart on Earth. It’s time now. To listen, please click on the photo below.

Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – We’re Doing This! – 14 March 2014

eileenmeyerHello every dear soul. I wanted to share this uplifting message below. I have been moving through many profound changes over the past few weeks, and it is ongoing. Many of you have been sharing your “upgrade” stories with me as well, and I am most grateful to be the receiver of your gorgeous insights and inspirations. Remember, do not judge yourself if you are feeling trapped, limited, and confused. This too shall pass. We are all doing this together. When one of us is in a focused process of shedding the fear and the past, we are with you, and holding the space for you to rejoin the Universal Family in just the right timing for you. You are loved… believe me, I have felt it in my body and being – to the the point that I “thought” I might explode. It’s called Love. You ARE Love. Glorious things are happening. Hugs and congrats to each and every one of you who are HERE at this time. We’re doing this!!! Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Cowabunga – 8 March 2014

eileenmeyerSwift waters knocked me sideways
Horizontal torpedo
Into a whole    new    world
Still riding the wave into the Unknown
I’ll let you know
When I know
Are you here?
I know I’m not alone…

I sat down in front of this blank blog space to try to reconnect with all of you, and the above prose shot right out. It’s a strange feeling… I AM undergoing a major reconnection to the rest of my Self. Who knew this convergence would happen in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and future are enthusiastically meeting me here. Most of it is wordless… a bit challenging for a blog. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – What Is The Event? A Meeting With Your Maker – 15 February 2014

eileenmeyerLast night I awoke into a full body-mind-spirit event. It was a total immersion into Oneness, and the Wisdom that IS that ONEness in-formed me, by demonstration, for a few hours that THIS is what “the event” is. I fully expected to wake up in the morning and receive the confirmation that it did, in fact, occur for everyone. So far though, I am beginning to decipher that what I experienced was a preview for what every human being will enter into in our own timing of this intersection, or Meeting with our Maker. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming Out As A Contactee: Tim Hicks – 8 February 2014

eileenmeyerTim Hicks started working as a machinist at a young age and eventually ended up with the good ‘ol American Dream – opening his own business and achieving great success. Then it was over… quickly. For Tim, there was nothing left but to isolate, meditate, and pray – and a response came. As a result of this, and ongoing contact with powerful Guidance, today Tim is a true practitioner and demonstrator of living-in-the-moment, and he’ll tell you what it’s like to be “embedded” here, and how it works in his life. He has dedicated the rest of his life to the work and service of transmuting and healing energies that people (and Mother Earth) choose to release in these times – over 250,000 transmu-tating miles to date! Thank you for being a part of this series, Tim. Your dedication to being of service here is extraordinary, and very much appreciated by those of us that have connected with you, and see your heart. (Excerpts from a 70-minute recorded conversation.) Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Paying It Forward… A Free Session From Anonymously Yours – 7 February 2014

eileenmeyerIf you have a need and desire to receive insight and assistance from the Gold Light Beings who have contacted me over my lifetime, and now work with me to assist others in integrating and living their wholeness now, an anonymous donor is gifting you with a session from me. Send me a note if you have a feeling-heart response to receive this gift, and of course, if you do not already have the funds to request this on your own. Many people have benefitted greatly from this extraordinarily loving presence that I have adapted to and KNOW. This team-work is intended to assist in healing and adapting to the higher frequencies of Love that are currently pouring into our bodies and our world at this time. Balance, heal, restore, remember, and be on with what YOU came here to BE and DO. It need not take a long time. It could happen right NOW. Much gratitude for the beneficent inspiration of this anonymous donor. ~ EM Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming Out As A Contactee: Kathy Kelley – 31 January 2014

Kathy is another great inspiration in my series about everyday people who have had “contact” with a greater Loving Intelligence that transformed their lives. For years Kathy led a dangerous and disconnected life in Los Angeles, California, and finally reached the bottom. After an 18-hour screaming match with God, the Devil, and a gun to her head with intent to end it all, she heard a voice respond, “I’m sorry…”  Welcome to excerpts of my recent conversation with Kathy Kelley who now resides in Ohio, USA. Everything is different now, but it took a lot of courage to look into the mirror and remember who she is, and the Love that she was connected to all along.

Music, “Under the Sun” by Eileen Meyer

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Contact Kathy Kelley via this blog.

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