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Bill Ballard – Electromagnetics Of Our Solar System In Relation To Ascension – 4 February 2013

Uploaded on 4 February 2013 by pearls2u Since 12/21/12 there have been many scientific reports out stating very different concepts and understandings of what is going on with our Sun, the Planets, Mother Earth and Our Collective Ascension. I have my own “theories” as we watch this all happen. NASA recently states that Saturn is slowing in it’s rotation. I have stated in a previous video I feel that Earth doing that and reversing direction is what the meaning of “The End Time” is all about. Even today there is a new report out saying our Sun is electric an not a hydrogen fusion generator and it is changing as we enter this new magnetic stream coming from the Galactic Center… And too, with no other obvious reasons for the increase in the LIGHT we have been feeling these past 2 days… That it is a different “frequency” and octave of frequency being beamed at us, well that begins to make sense when you look at all going on in a Bigger Picture… ha… Whats happening for sure? I certainly don’t know, YET.. but we are witnessing something very wonderful and magical.