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Jamye Price – Empowering Advice – 1 March 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupEmpowering Advice
As you look within and look around outside of the self, information abounds.  Some of it is helpful, some of it is harmful and some is cleverly disguised as both.  Which is best?  In the current earth experience, there is much harmful information.  Some of it is true information, based on facts.  Yet, harmful still.  There is no good or bad information, it is merely a matter of information that supports and enhances Life, or information that degrades Life.  The truth of information?  It’s potential is always both.  Here, then, is the beauty of your unique perspective and your internal choice.  What will you do with information?  Enhance Life or degrade it?  Only you can choose what you do with information, and its effect is internal until you choose to externalize it.  Then its effect is merely amplified, for even in your internal interaction with information, your electromagnetic emanation shapes life around you.  Those beings that are connected to you begin to respond to your vibration.  In the deepest of Love, they show you your vibrational information.  Continue reading