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RT – Senate Leaders Reach Deal To Avoid Default, End Shutdown – 16 October 2013

RT logo( Lucas : Predicted that the games would go on and they would reach a temporary solution to the problem for a few weeks. It seems to be a deal. But first see than belief.  It does not take the problem of the table. The better deal is default and let the  people together make things work for them without the corporate government and their corporate representatives you think are your democratic representatives in congress and senate. We need change now and now Obama’s change but real change for the people not just a few or a few groups. Things need to be done and go differently. The time is now.)

The United States government could soon be back in business. According to a Republican member of the US Senate, lawmakers in Washington have reached an agreement that will re-open the government and save the country from default.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) told the Associated Press early Wednesday that leaders in her chamber reached a deal that would end a shutdown now in its second week, while also raising the nation’s debt ceiling and in turn increasing the country’s ability to borrow from international lenders.

CNBC reported soon after that Republican Party senators planned to announce an agreement at 12p.m. EDT that afternoon.

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