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EneNews – Nuclear Scientist: Fukushima An Apocalyptic Disaster That Will Haunt Future Generations; World Now An Experimental Lab With Humans As Guinea Pigs — Japan Gov’t Report: Fukushima Is Worse Than 3/11 Quake And Tsunami – 10 December 2014

enenewslogoExcerpts from Op-Ed by Quamrul Haider, Ph.D., Chair of Dept. of Physics at Fordham University, Dec 4, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • The fraternity of nuclear scientists… create the impression… their extremely risky projects have been carefully thought out in every detail and are inspired by the spirit of greatest responsibility… A large section of the scientific community… believes [their accident simulations are] about as reliable as tomorrow’s weather forecast [and] that by building nuclear power plants in populated areas, the whole world becomes an experimental laboratory with human beings as guinea pigs.

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Enenews – Accident In Reactor 3 Fuel Pool At Fukushima – Large Piece Of Wreckage Falls Nearby Spent Uranium rods — M5 Quake Hits Plant Soon After — Official: “Unable To Say” Whether Any Are Damaged – 1 September 2014

enenewslogoPublished: August 29th, 2014 at 5:43 pm ET
By ENENews

AFP, Aug 29, 2014: [TEPCO] said it had not detected any significant changes in radiation readings or in the level of pool water at the No. 3 reactor… Friday’s incident occurred shortly after noon during a remotely controlled operation to remove debris from the fuel pool at the unit where the broken reactor still lies untouched… The operating console of the fuel handling machine slipped loose and fell into the pool… In a vivid reminder of the fragility of the area, a magnitude-5.0 quake struck off the Fukushima coast hours after…

Bloomberg News, Aug 29, 2014: A 400 kg piece of equipment slipped from a crane and fell back into a pool holding spent uranium fuel rods… [It] is about a meter wide and 1.6 meters high…  Today, the utility known as Tepco was attempting to move the device as part of its cleanup at the site, said spokesman Hiroshi Itagaki… Itagaki said the company is unable to say at present whether the accident damaged any of the uranium fuel rods in the pool. Continue reading

EneNews – Nuclear Expert: Fukushima Fuel Suspected ToBe In Ground… “It’s Going To Melt Right Down Into The Ground” When Heat Isn’t Removed, That’s Why These Are So Dangerous – Physician: “3 Of Fukushima’s Reactors Melted Through Containment… The Crisis Is Clearly ongoing” – 19 August 2014

enenewslogoSpeech by Dr. Andrew S. Kanter, MD*, Assistant Professor at Columbia University and Director of the Columbia International eHealth Laboratory (*Due to Dr. Kanter’s illness, Physicians for Social Responsibility Board Member Alfred Meyer presented his speech), published by Cinema Forum Fukushima on July 30, 2014 (at 2:45 in): “Three of Fukushima’s reactors melted down and through containment, allowing radioactive releases into the environment… The crisis is clearly ongoing and there was little reference [in UNSCEAR’s Fukushima report] to the potential of the ongoing releases to affect humans or the environment.” >> Watch the presentation here Continue reading

EneNews – Japan Paper: “Horses Became Weak And Died, One By One, From An Unknown Cause” At Farm In Fukushima — Farmer: “There Is Something Seriously Wrong Going On… This Country Is Going Mad, I‘m Sure Something Grave Is Going To Happen” – 14 Out Of 15 Newborn Horses Died Last Year (PHOTOS) – 15 june 2014

enenewslogoPublished: June 15th, 2014 at 12:32 am ET

Kyodo News, June 14, 2014: Tadao Mitome feels a duty to continue capturing images of the area to document the effects of the nuclear disaster […] Mitome, 75, published a photo book titled “3/11 Fukushima: Hibaku no Bokujo” (“Stock Farm Exposed to Radiation”), documenting a farm in the village of Iitate and its dying horses. “People should do whatever they are capable of doing,” Mitome said […] Iitate, about 40 km away from the wrecked power plant, [farmer Tokue Hosokawa] defied the central government’s order to evacuate. […] After nearly two years, horses became weak and died, one by one, from an unknown cause. Some horses in Fukushima were also put to death and sent away for autopsies. Mitome said he felt as though the eyes of the killed animals were trying to tell him that they would never let human beings forget about the nuclear disaster. […] “There are things that I must let people in the world know,” he said.

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation, Feb. 27, 2014: Mr. Hosokawa again lost three of his horses this summer. […] “Since then, three more horses have died. This village is reaching its end […] I don’t feel good”, he said.

Evacuee from Iitate: “University of Tohoku dissected the dead horses […] there were apparent abnormal results from the analysis of the blood […] 3 more horses have died here this summer. Hosokawa must be in shock […] I have demanded the Ministry of Environment to inform us of the results. But they keep saying, ‘we don’t know anything yet’ […] why can’t they at least publish the results so far? Surely there must be something wrong if they can’t publish.”

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation: “There is something seriously wrong going on” -Hosokawa […] According to him, horses have fallen ill one by one within these short weeks […] a white miniature horse, had the worst condition. Its skin was badly damaged. The veterinarian doctor who accompanied us saw it and indicated the symptoms of damaged liver […] It had jaundiced eyes. The doctor was wondering why its knees were so wobbly. […]  15 foals have been born since the beginning of this year, but 14 of them died within a month, sometimes within a week. “I have lived with horses since I was a kid, but I have never seen anything like this. It’s not normal. I think radiation is responsible for this”. Hosokawa stresses the effect of radiation as a cause. […] we asked a public health control centre to check the blood of the miniature horse. The results were negative for transmitted diseases or nutrient deficiency. […] We were overwhelmed by Hosokawa’s ghastly expression on his face and stunned with a shock by the grave situation, which was beyond our imagination. “This country is going mad, I‘m sure something grave is going to happen”.

See photos of the horses here

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EneNews – Fire Breaks Out At U.S. Nuclear Plant, Reactor Shut Down – Emergency Alert Lasts Over 5 hours Due To ‘Equipment Malfunction’ – Residents Discuss Fears After Many Recent Problems (VIDEO) – 19 January 2014

enenewslogoAP, Jan. 18, 2014: Fire breaks out at NC nuclear plant […] Officials say operators shut down the plant when an alert was declared Saturday morning.

WRAL, Jan. 18, 2014: “This morning Duke Energy notified the emergency management agencies for the state and four counties within close proximity to the Harris nuclear plant of an equipment malfunction,” state Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry said in a statement. Continue reading

EneNews – Japan TV: ‘State’ Of Fukushima Melted Fuel Unknown – Asahi: They “Still Do Not Know Exactly What Is Going On Inside” – U.S. NRC: Increased Radioactive Leaks At Plant Are “Traveling Underground To Sea” (VIDEO) – 13 January 2014

enenewslogoU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission document on ‘Water Situation at Fukushima’ as of Sept. 20, 2013 (.pdf link here): Over the past three months, radiation measured within the plant site […] has been increasing. The increase in radiation in the water is caused by contaminated water traveling underground to the sea. Sources of the contaminated water include […[ continued cooling of the damaged cores leaking directly from the reactor buildings. […] contaminated water leaks out of the basements into the soil and the groundwater, despite the outside water table being higher. This contaminated water includes radioactive cesium, strontium, and tritium. Cesium moves very slowly in groundwater, since the soil adsorbs (holds on its surface) the Cesium. Strontium is adsorbed less than cesium and moves faster […] TEPCO has plans to impede the flow of groundwater. Continue reading

Expert: People On West Coast Right To Be Concerned About Fukushima Plume – Things “Could Get Much Worse” – Lots Of Radioactivity Flowing Into Ocean – Gov’t Not Testing Water Or Fish (AUDIO) – 2 December 2013

enenewslogoThe following three nearly identical Letters-to-the-Editor are signed by a John Lewallen of Philo, California.  According to the www.johnlewallenforcongress.org website, “my wife […] Barbara and I own and operate the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company devoted to hand-harvesting […] seaweed”: Continue reading

EneNews – Scientist Back From Japan: Melt-Through Of Fukushima Containment Vessels Being Discussed – They Can’t Locate Any Of The 3 Molten Reactor Cores – “It’s Bad, It’s Definitely Not Over” – 25 November 2013

enenewslogoCape Cod Times, Nov. 24, 2013: [Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Senior Scientist Ken] Buesseler, along with a team from WHOI, made the first of his three visits to the Fukushima area in June 2011 […] the Japanese are not able to locate three molten reactor cores. There is ongoing discussion of whether the cores have undergone a meltdown or a melt-through of the containment vessels, Buesseler said. “You can’t send humans in there. It takes decades to come up with a plan,” he said. “It’s bad. It’s definitely not over yet.” Continue reading

EneNews – AP: Melted Fukushima Fuel Is 12 Inches From Entering Ground After Eating Through Concrete, Says Simulation – Study: Molten Core Suspected Of Eroding Through Concrete Foundation – Gov’t Expert: We Just Can’t Be Sure Until Actually Seeing Inside – 20 November 2013

enenewslogoAssociated Press, Nov. 19, 2013: […] the real challenge: removing melted or partially melted fuel from the three reactors that had meltdowns, and figuring out how to treat and store it so it won’t heat up and start a nuclear reaction again. “This is an unprecedented task that nobody in the world has achieved. We still face challenges that must be overcome,” said Hajimu Yamana, a Kyoto University nuclear engineer who heads a government-affiliated agency that is overseeing technological research and development for the cleanup. […] Computer simulations show the melted fuel in Unit 1, whose core damage was the most extensive, has breached the bottom of the primary containment vessel and even partially eaten into its concrete foundation, coming within about 30 centimeters (one foot) of leaking into the ground. “We just can’t be sure until we actually see the inside of the reactors,” Yamana said. Continue reading

EneNews – Tornado Hits U.S. Nuclear Facility – Uranium Enrichment Building Damaged – Parts Of Cooling Towers Destroyed – Alert Declared For ‘Emergency Condition’ – 19 November 2013

enenewslogoPortsmouth Daily Times, Nov. 18, 2013: Tornado hit Paducah plant Sunday [in Kentucky]

WPSD, Nov. 17, 2013: One of the plant’s four enrichment production buildings, the adjacent cooling towers and nearby electrical switchyard sustained most of the damage. Several of the transite panels that cover the building were torn off or broken. Electrical power poles, wiring and other electrical circuits were also damaged. The shrouds or collars that surround the fans on this set of cooling towers were destroyed. Continue reading