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Méline Lafont – Energies Of June, Choices And The Emotional Body – As Channeled From Self – 3 June 2013

MélineLafontWe are going through the wringer of perfection and change.  All that is coming forth now, is a reflection of your personal growth and enlightenment.  All that you should not to cope with anymore is leaving your fields, your Self and your heart.  All sorts of reflections are coming your way now as they represent what you are, what keeps you busy in the mind and what you were until this point.  These reflections are required to be presented to you, as they come in your life and your reality to become noticed as a reminder to work on or to just release them.

Life is about heart choices you make in your life, precious hearts, and there is never a wrong one to make.  You, as a beautiful being of Light, represent the Unconditional Love of Gods Presence, the One of “All that Is”, so you are eternal and so are your choices in life.  You continue to move forward in your chosen path and whatever that may bring into your life, into your consciousness or being, it is all for the benefit and for your highest best at that time. Continue reading