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Lee Harris – August Energy Forecast – Dreams Of The Past, Dreams Of The Future – 7 Augustus 2012

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution : August 2012 – Monthly Visions – Solar Flare Havoc And Heaviness

We’re ducking and weaving between solar flares right now faster than an Olympic boxing champion, but all that ducking and weaving is to no avail. We’re getting hit with wave after wave of electromagnetic energy which doesn’t always feel that great, but the clearing and shifting these waves trigger IS great so next time you find yourself crying ‘Oh no, not another flare!’ know that they are facilitating much inner and outer transformation.
A series of flares over the past week has left us feeling extremely tired physically and emotionally. You may have felt like crawling back into bed at random times of the day not just because you’re exhausted but because there’s a bit of ‘What’s the point of anything?’ energy about right now. Continue reading

Lee Harris – Energy – July Energy Forecast – 6 July 2012

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Lucas – Freedom Is Lurking Around The Corner – 2 July 2012

The emotions of anticipation, doubt, insecurity, belief, anger, resignation, knowing, etc, are like a chameleon switching colors these days. The energies hitting us and the earth let us fade in and out of our balance of the heart center and let us experience strong based duality issues we have to let go of. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Drop All Excuses & Embrace You! – 2 July 2012

This morning there seems to be a HUGE force pushing forth… wanting us to EMBRACE – I mean REALLY EMBRACE who we are!!

For some this may mean resting and being at peace with this…. For others it may be focused action and trusting this…

What IS important is that you TRUST your body and your intuition and step fully IN TO the ebb & flow that is underlying EVERYTHING! Continue reading

Lucas – Fearfactor – The Counter Attacks, Dis- and Misinformation And Doubts Popping Up Again – 29 June 2012

A couple of days he energies are really influencing the people. There is again a wave of people questioning all, denying all and fighting that what they think is the “wrong” vision with all weapons of duality. The  disinforming agents are at full throttle posting the fear messages. False flags messages, confusing thoughts and nasty messages via e-mail in comments in fora and other social media. They try hard to put you all out of balance and that what you only with your heart can discern. Continue reading