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Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – You are a Conscious Manifesting Machine – 27 January 2012

If you can realize who you are, it means you know where you are coming from and where you are going.” ~St. Theresa of Avila

In every moment of your life you are creating something. Whether you are materializing what you want or what you don’t want, all depends on how conscious you are in this very moment. This consciousness inside you now is ultimately determined by how relaxed you are and what you choose to fill your mind with. What types of thoughts do you invite into your mind in each given moment. When you choose to focus on thoughts that bring you into a deeper state of peace, trust and a feeling of “oneness” with life around you, you’ll instantly feel your consciousness expand. And when consciousness expands, you realize what a powerful manifestor you truly are and start engaging in the world like one. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Secret To Discovering Higher Consciousness – 19 January 2012

“The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.” ~ Tree of LIfe

Whenever something…anything happens to you in life, open your heart to it. Even if you are afraid of it and you have judged it as “wrong”, still go into it fully with a welcome open accepting heart. Otherwise the mind will get in the way and contaminate the lesson your soul is learning. Your mind is fabulous at judging things, and all judgment ends up creating heavy, defensive, fear-based energy in your body. Your heart is a master at acceptance. It is designed to accept everything and everyone as they are. It can melt through any fearful moment and help you understand that everything that happens to you is for your soul’s evolution towards enlightenment. You become a truly powerful being when you can maintain an open accepting heart, and devote every moment exploring life from this welcoming perspective. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – How To Receive Everything You Want In 2012 – 7 January 2012

First figure out what you want.  Second, you have to decide that you deserve it. Third, you have to believe you can get it.  And, fourth, you have to have the guts to ask for it.”  ~ Barbara De Angelis

Get ready, you are entering the most exciting year of your life!  There is nothing that is going to compare to the levels of love, spiritual evolution and conscious inner growth that will be available to you this next year.  Yes, 2012 is here and the essential key to getting the most out of this awesome enlightening adventure will be in how conscious you truly are.  The more unguarded, sensitive, truly present, and receptive you can be, the easier it will be to receive whatever your heart desires  Make it your goal to allow your heart and mind to become fully unguarded this year.  Be willing to let people in, allowing love to pour into you, through you, so that you can take your soul far beyond the ordinary experiences you’ve had before. Continue reading

Nisargadatta Maharaj – Enlightened Beings – Stay Silent And Attentive. Be Earest About it -25 November 2011

Nisargadatta Maharaj – Enlightened Beings – November 25th 2011 via http://www.shiftfrequency.com by Gilian  original article link

Stay silent and attentive. Be earnest about it.

Just be aware of your being here and now.

Reality will find you.

Just live your life as it comes. Keep quietly alert, inquiring into the real nature of yourself. Perception is based on memory and is only imagination. The world can be said to appear but not to be. Only that which makes perception possible is real. Continue reading