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John Ward – EU Encroachments Upon Freedom Of Speech, Episode 3,901 – 30 November 2013

eufascismWhatever you do, don’t tell it like it is

As the disaster that is rigidly monetarist neoliberalism pushes its fanatical promoters into a smaller and smaller corner, the attacks upon anyone with a contrary opinion become increasingly brazen.

Barely a week passes in the UK without some partisan attack on our liberties. And as is increasingly apparent, the focus of the attack narrows inexorably down into the Blogosphere. Continue reading

John Ward – Every Man For Himself, Episode 3 – 16 January 2013

John WardThe cracks between sovereign States (and the States and their citizens) are becoming more obvious

The evidence of sovereign reversion to selfish war I’ve been referring to for a fortnight now continues to pile up.

German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that 3,396 tons of the Fatherland’s gold kept in the US is about to be partially moved out of the New York Fed, where 45% of it is currently stored, and brought back home to be added to the 31% already stored there. Continue reading