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John Smallman – Jesus – Essential Changes Are Being Put Into Effect With Great Rapidity – 20 November 2011

Jesus guidance from an elder brother channeled trough John Smallman via http://www.johnsmallman2.wordpress.com

Your time of struggle is drawing to a close as the moment for your most glorious awakening draws nearer.  It has been a long and painful journey that has often seemed endless, as you strove to understand the meaning that it had for you with the severely limited mental abilities you had allowed your bodies to offer you.  It has indeed been confusing as you tried to make sense of the illusion which has no meaning, except to convince you that what you have experienced within it was God’s Will for you.  God’s Will for you is that you have eternal joy, not the pain and suffering of the illusion!  He wants you to awaken from it, He intends that you do so, and so you shall. Continue reading