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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Eternal Connection – 5 June 2012

God said:

It is as if We are extensions of each other. We are an Eternal Connection. In one sense, We are wireless. In another sense, We are mainframe, and there is only One in the whole Universe. We are definitely something, aren’t We now?

Tap, tap, tap go Our messages. Constant revelation. Constant reception of ingoing and outgoing messages although they are instant, ingoing and outgoing have no meaning. There is reception, and there are messages that echo through Us. It is as if One speaks, and it is the Same One who hears, so close is the connection. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – The Collective – Eternal You – 25 December 2011

Is there a time when there is no difference between a holiday and any other day?
Is there a need to go and buy presents and delightful food for one day in the year?
Is it only for the few to see what it is that is so prevalent in the time of a celebration?

We say that there is reason for celebration in every moment, every day, every year. There is room for guidance in how to utilize that celebration to create a life of beauty, bounty and the beholdment of the Almighty presence that is within each of you. Continue reading