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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – WATCH: Whistleblowers Reveal Criminal Practices Of Pharmaceutical Industry In Stunning Interviews – 22 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Before you rush out to get the MMR vaccine for your child or sign up for the latest statin or antidepressant pharmaceutical pill in obedience to the television, you might want to first consider what several former pill pushers-turned-whistleblowers have to say about how drugs and vaccines are actually approved, marketed and dispensed to the masses in today’s corrupt regulatory paradigm.

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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – No, McDonald’s Is Not Removing All Antibiotics From Its Chicken – 14 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Fast food giant McDonald’s has announced that the company will be phasing out the use of some antibiotics in its factory-farmed chicken products to accommodate what it says are the “changing preferences” of its customers. But a major disparity between the media’s version of what McDonald’s is doing and what the company is actually doing is causing all sorts of confusion among consumers.

The issue lies in the verbiage concerning McDonald’s new antibiotics policy, which contrary to what is being claimed by some does not mean that Chicken McNuggets, Chicken Select Tenders, and other McDonald’s chicken products will suddenly be antibiotic-free. To the contrary, the company is merely asking its chicken meat suppliers to phase out dual-use antibiotics that are also used in human medicine. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Mainstream Media: Pedophilia Isn’t A Crime, But Being Unvaccinated Is – 13 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) What constitutes legal and illegal behavior in America today is becoming increasingly more inconsistent and bizarre. Some mainstream media sources are now calling for people who make the personal choice not to vaccinate to be jailed, implying that they’re criminals, while other sources are now purporting that pedophilia isn’t even a crime.

A recent New York Times op-ed piece published by Harvard graduate and law professor Margo Kaplan attempts to make the case that pedophilia is a mental disorder rather than a felony offense and calls for the rules to be redefined. In Kaplan’s opinion, pedophilia is a condition that some people have rather than a crime that they commit, and she believes that it should be treated as such. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – “I’m Really Scared”: Isaiah Rider Speaks Out After Being Kidnapped And Abused By Profiteering Medical System – 12 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Yet another case of medical kidnapping by the government has surfaced in America, this time involving a 17-year-old young man from Missouri who’s currently being held captive by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) with no end in sight.

Isaiah Rider of Kansas City suffers from a rare neurological condition that results in extremely painful tumors forming on his nerves, seemingly without cause. His mother Michelle, seeing Isaiah’s extreme pain, tried to help him by bringing him to Illinois for a special surgery roughly one year ago.

But Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he was admitted, in concert with DCFS, decided instead to falsely accuse Isaiah’s mother of medical abuse and neglect, and proceeded to make him a ward of the State of Illinois, meaning that the state is now his legal guardian. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – Think Eugenics Could Never Come To America? It Already Has: Victims Now Being Compensated In Virginia – 5 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The 11 remaining victims of a covert sterilization program that took place in Virginia between the years of 1924 and 1979 have received compensation by the commonwealth, according to new reports. The Virginia General Assembly set aside $400,000 in its budget to compensate each living victim of the program $25,000 as a symbolic reparation for this dark time in the state’s history.

A protocol of the Virginia Eugenical Sterilization Act, the sterilizations were performed on victims at a number of hospitals throughout the state in an attempt to prevent certain “undesirables” from reproducing. Many other states eventually modeled their own sterilization legislation on this Act, as did Nazi Germany with its more well known eugenics programs. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – CDC Building ‘Police State’ Registry System To Track Your Vaccination Status – 4 April 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Imagine a world in which the government has free access to your private medical records for the purpose of ensuring your compliance with official vaccination mandates. The United States is on the cusp of such tyranny with an Immunization Information Systems (IIS) program currently being built by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that will make your vaccination status available to health authorities, healthcare providers and “other authorized stakeholders.”

The CDC describes the program as a system of “confidential, population-based, computerized databases that record all immunization doses administered by participating providers to persons residing within a given geopolitical area.” In other words, it’s a vast network of tracking systems that keep tabs on who’s getting jabbed in accordance with official guidelines and who’s choosing to opt for natural immunity instead. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – GMO Critics Vindicated: Biotech Corporations Were Pushing Fraud All Along – 31 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The sordid sequence of events that opened the floodgates for the genetic takeover of the American food supply — that is, the mass introduction of untested genetically-engineered (GE) food ingredients on the sly — is outlined in an eye-opening new book by American public interest lawyer Steve Druker, entitled Altered Genes, Twisted Truth.

Drudging up several decades’ worth of historical facts surrounding genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and the way biotechnology companies got them onto the market without proper testing, Druker tells the true story about “Frankenfood” that you’ll never hear about on any of the major corporate new networks. From the very beginning, GMOs came to be a thing not because they are superior or safe, but because powerful interests got them there illicitly. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – WHO Admits Monsanto’s Glyphosate ‘Probably’ Causes Cancer; Chemical Found In 75% Of Air And Rain Samples – 25 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) The chemical industry’s stronghold over many of the world’s largest and most influential regulatory trendsetters appears to be waning after the World Health Organization (WHO), defying the propaganda endorsements of U.S. regulatory agencies, found that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, which contains the weed-killing chemical glyphosate, “probably” causes cancer in animals and humans.

Published in the journal The Lancet Oncology, the groundbreaking report tacks glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” listing it as the second-highest classification for substances that could cause cancer — just below “known carcinogen.” Included in the paper is abundant evidence proving that glyphosate negatively impacts the human body, having repeatedly been detected in the blood and urine of agricultural workers exposed to it. Continue reading

NaturalNews- Ethan A. Huff – Big Pharma Used “Statistical Deception” To Sell Deadly Statin Scam To Americans, Study Concludes – 22 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Statins are a deadly scam, and new research published in the journal Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology undoubtedly proves this. Using “statistical deception” to make statins appear safe and effective, the drug industry has deviously sold the United States and other Western nations a bill of goods, say researchers, as actual data shows that statins provide almost no benefits while causing serious harm.

Dr. David M. Diamond, a professor of psychology, molecular pharmacology and physiology at the University of South Florida, and Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, an independent health researcher and expert in cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, teamed up to a take a closer look at the claims made about statins. After reviewing a cohort of published studies on statins, they concluded that statistical trickery is responsible for their ill-gained notoriety. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – CDC Blatantly Lied About Vaccine Safety In Congressional Hearings – 13 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) It is hardly a secret that deception is the lifeblood that runs D.C. But the massive onslaught of pro-vaccine propaganda coming from our nation’s leaders today has spiraled completely out of control, with top health officials and politicians now blatantly lying under oath about the “safety and effectiveness” of vaccines.

During a recent congressional hearing, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Director Dr. Anne Schuchat, M.D., told Congress that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism, mental disorders, allergies or autoimmune disease. Continue reading