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John Kettler – ETs/EDs Take Dolphin Sub & Nuke (Updated) – 12 May 2012

ETs/EDsETs/EDs, Controversy & What Really Happened

ETs/EDs DID”Disappear” A Dolphin, NOT A Type XXI U-Boat! Image Credit:Wikimedia CommonsETs/EDs (extraterrestials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces, whether they did it or not, are increasingly being credited for unusual events which occur. Finding ETs/EDs being alluded to is amazing, but it’s now to the point where someone’s referring to the ETs/EDs as “Kettler’s pals.”  More surprising is how readily ETs/EDs have been accepted on the fairly mainstream site Veterans Today, as seen here, where an entire post from JKI became a comment and here, in which things said before became garbled.  The article and first post caused, in the words of a sensitive contact, “the phone to melt” when a senior allied official was queried. ETs/EDs added to the reaction. Continue reading