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EU Bans Three Pesticides Linked To Bee Death – 2 December 2013

Irish Examiner

Irish beekeepers have welcomed an EU ban on three pesticides which are being blamed for the deaths of millions of bees worldwide.

By Claire O’Sullivan

Aside from honey production, honey bees are a vital part of global food production as they pollinate about one third of the world’s food — increasing its yield as much as threefold.

It is estimated that insect pollination, over two thirds of which is done by honey bees, is worth €153bn per annum globally.

However, the Irish Beekeepers’ Association’s spokesman, Phillip McCabe, who is also president of the worldwide bees association, Apimondia, said the Government here is not supporting the beekeepers.

“We had been working for a number of years trying to get the governments of the world, and in particular the EU, to ban these chemicals.

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