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InvestmentWatchBlog – EU Trying To Ban Cinnamon – 27 December 2013

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : The test zone for the out role of the codex alimentarius that will bring all natural products, plants, minerals, fungi, vitamins, herbs, spices under restriction in use is already in place in Denmark. Where vitamins and minerals are already only to get by doctors subscription. The next step is to bring the rest of the restrictions in. Are we gonna let them do that or are we getting awake and active, the enslavement on all sorts of levels from corporate governments, corporate rule, gmo, healthcare and even now your food choice and own health care is restricted that much that you need to pay or have need of licenses or permits to do anything of course paid and enforced with police and officials and fines and jail sentences.The EU, Codex alimentarius, the UN- Agenda 21 and TPP all of this you should take peaceful action against fast!)

Brussels has sparked outrage in Denmark by proposing to outlaw their traditional pastries. Continue reading