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Lucas – More Crisis EU/ Euro zone – 4 June 2012

In the growing crisis in the Euro zone and EU the news follows quickly.

The Spanish Bankia  system bank crisis grows and the capital flight over the borders  is catapulting out of orbit. The Portuguese banks getting financial support from the state. Cyprus is needing help to keep their leading banks alive as the Greek economy is effecting also this Island that is already divided. Euro Group rumour talks about a possible in stating fiscal and banking union as the next step they want to take to centralize control in the European Union and Euro zone . Also rumour and talks about a Euro zone split in a sort of North and South zone is on the table.  Still the Euro is failing to keep its ground as it falls to 1.24 against the US dollar.  Continue reading


In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself

In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself By LANDON THOMAS Jr. and NELSON D. SCHWARTZ Published: September 6, 2011

via NYTimes.com

Debt crisis Euro zone -EU misused for fiscal union and loss of sovereignty

The talks now in progress  to find solutions for the debt-crisis in the Euro zone and the EU are nothing more than further cutting sovereignty of member countries. The controlling widens around the world. Also measures are in place in the UK for further rioting. Punishments are severe and people think still this is for the good of its people.

Still people will not understand the Bigger picture and see that all is done with a reason of the dark ones. The real reasons behind the debt crisis or the rioting youth is not being addressed because now controls the wished for are or will be in place.

I really find it difficult to still see  a group of people asking for more and more control and giving away sovereignty of the people and themselves to the dark ones.  The counterbalance in favour of the Light is the growing group people awakening and rising above the duality controls of the illuminati. Their wish for ascending will be heard. And their families will be looking forward meeting them. Soon all the dark influences and their plans are history.

Love and Light,


(for further info and reading on the plans via Euronews.net link:  saving-the-euro-sarkozy-and-merkel-style )