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Eva Moore – The Potentiality Of Love – A Letter From Bill – 20 March 2013

The Potentiality of Love

To begin I want to apologize for my silence.  It has been a bizarre adventure period for Eva and I. We have not been together since August 20th. On March 20th it will be 7 months since I was last able to BE near Eva in 3D context. The resistance that we have experienced since our decision to no longer live in fear of the at-law fictional judicial system has been interesting, to say the least. We can honestly say we are more alive now than we have ever been. All the  perturbation  that the legal system does provide is a gift in disguise and is a force big enough to draw out our X factor (we BE free ) set us on the path towards mining for the truth. That is, who are we really, how did we forget, and what the heck do we do now? Continue reading


Ways To Help Bill Brockbrader – 7 February 2013

Eva Moore needs some financial help to get out of the small town she’s in.  She’s been watched rather closely by some shadowy characters.

Bill Brockbader as most you know is in jail on some rather trumped up charges and sham trial after he rather publicly exposed the alternate time line the cabal was trying to create and the killing of Kurd civilians in northern Iraq during his service with the Navy Seals.   Continue reading

Eva Moore – Two New Letters From Bill Brockbrader/Wood – 31 December 2012

BillWoodHere is a NEW LETTER FROM Bill it is really an inspiring direction for how to move in our Galactic NEW YEAR ! ♥

1st Letter from Bill Resolutions.pdf, please click below to download the file.


 *****  2d Letter from Bill Brockbrader-Letter for Sentencing copy.docx, click on link below to download it :)

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via  http://www.2012indyinfo.com   / link to original article

Wolfspirit Radio – On Buffalo Talk – Interview With Bill Wood, Eva Moore And Others – 30 June 2012

The interview beter set talk with Bill Wood and Eva Moore. Link to Wolfspiritradio.com interview 28 June 2012

Bill Brockbrader Released / Update – 27 June 2012

(Lucas:  Not to forget that Pat Donworth and I myself had reported earlier about Bill’s release.Thanks Jean)

Steve Beckow : Bill and Eva on Bill’s release

Scott Molloy and Kauila report that Bill Brockbrader was released from jail yesterday, June 26, 2012.  Scott believes the letter-writing campaign that was organized that saw people write to the Idaho jail in which Bill was being held has helped win his release. Continue reading

Pat Donworth – Bill Brockbrader Update – O Happy Day! – 27 June 2012

Bill Brockbrader was released from federal detention today. Thanks to the generosity of his friends and supporters, and the tireless efforts of his partner and colleague Eva Moore, Bill left ADA County Jail this afternoon, June 26. He’ll be preparing for his much anticipated court date in July. Continue reading

Pat Donworth – Bill Wood Update – How You Can Help! – 22 June 2012

June 22, 2012 | Pat Donworth

For those following the Bill Brockbrader case, we’ve been informed by Eva Moore that Bill has been allowed to post bail and leave jail while he awaits his trial in July. Continue reading

Wolf Spirit Radio – Eva Moore With Frank Jordan and Thomas H. – 28 May 2012

Link to Wolf Spirit Radio show 27 May 2012 by Eva Moore with Frank Jordan and Thomas H

Bill Wood & Eva Moore – Information About Bill – 26 May 2012

Uploaded by 25 May 2012 by . (recorded information from 22 May 2012)

Bill is on from 12:03 To help Bill with a letter please post to William Brockbrader 1046233 CO ADA County Jail 7210 Barrister Drive Boise Idaho 83704. Thanks so much. Continue reading

Lisa M Harrison – Interview With Bill Wood And Eva Moore – 15 May 2012

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My second interview with Bill Wood and this time we were joined by Eva Moore. We primarily discussed the implications of the information Bill Released on 5/5/12 regarding Obama. We also went off into more esoteric topics and concepts.