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John Ward – Exclusive: Christine Lagarde, Evangelos Venizelos, Troika Austerity Aims, And German Corruption – 4 October 2012

Berlin-am-Brussels’ real motives, and the odyssey of the Lagarde Tax-Dodgers List, are raising questions throughout the eurozone this afternoon. We could be about to witness the scandal of all scandals. Continue reading


John Ward – Euroblown : American Influence On The Greek Government Waning – Sources – 9 August 2012

Intrigue, austerity denial, side-deals, and economic collapse: but the bottom line is ‘debt monetisation’

Coalition dilemma…which way is up?

Senior sources close to Greek Opposition MPs are claiming this morning that those calling the shots in the ruling Coalition of Antonis Samaras do not view a return to the drachma with American support as “a viable alternative to staying within the EU”. The Troika’s abrupt change of attitude to Greece is also suggesting to some observers that “some kind of secret deal” has been done between the ECB and Athens to both reassure the Troikanauts, and keep the Greeks onside. But it’s clear the Germans aren’t on board with this. Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – Gaffe? What Gaffe? Greek Polls? All Over The Place – 27 May 2012

I am amused by the Financial Times headline Tsipras shrugs off gaffe about Hollande.

When Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek socialist leader, boarded a 7.30am flight to Paris on Tuesday, only his closest aides knew he was on the way to a hastily arranged meeting with the French president. Continue reading

John Ward – REVEALED: Why The Troika’s ‘Validation’ Of The Greek Psi May Open Up A Can Of Worms – 10 March 2012


Evidence of public sector bribery raises doubts as Venizelos accused of personal gain

Although the ways and means used to get to 85.8% overall Greek swap participation (0.8% over what ISDA wanted) and 95.7% including CAC enactions (0.7% over what Brussels wanted) are roughly 0.0001% relevant to the now inevitable death of the eurozone, I think it behoves all good bloggers and investigative hacks to raise some doubts about them. I believe this because all those who think 21st century commerce and politics need a major ethics transfusion always require some evidence to go on….if only to shatter the risible arguments put up by the opposing side. Continue reading

John Ward – March 23rd : It Just Keeps On and On Turning Up – 9 March 2012

One of many small details to have slipped out in the six hours since Greece was saved for posterity, or something, was this gem at 12.40 pm GMT today (Friday):

‘Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek finance minister (left), said Greece is still €7bn short of its targeted debt cut of €107bn. He confirmed all bonds issued under Greek law would be part of the deal because of the collective action clauses, while those holding bonds issued under foreign law would be given until March 23 to decide.’ (Daily Telegraph live blog) Continue reading

BBC News – Eurozone States Want Greece Out, Says Venizelos – 15 February 2012

Greece's Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos speaks during a press conference in Athens on January 31“Evangelos Venizelos warned there were some eurozone members who no longer wanted Greece”

Some eurozone countries no longer want Greece in the bloc, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has said. Continue reading