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Cliff Baard /Gillian Grannum – Evolution – 28 May 2012

We approach zero point of the omega. This precession of the equinoxes is the length of time required for our solar system to make one complete revolution around the Pleiades, our greater parent sun, which calculates to a period of + – 25,900 years.

Earth began to fall tens of millions of years ago. What is in progress is Earth’s restoration to one of twelve that are among the highest in All That Is! Continue reading

Fluid Team Dynamics* – The Evolution of Organizational Development (OD)

Fluid Team Dynamics* – The Evolution of Organizational Development (OD).

By Colin Hillstrom- The Art of Life – via impeccableleadership.wordpress.com

This is what Sheldon Nidle also talked about. A new way of organization of things without leaders but only by talent of the most capable person needed for the specific problem  to solve or job to be done.