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Lisa Gawlas – A Peak Into Our New, Extraordinary, Expanding Reality – 9 April 2015

Know, that every point of Light on that web is an entry into another dimension.

On April 1st, thru one, if not several of the readings, spirit had told me that my words, my communication in readings will be filtered now more than ever, a week into April and holy cow batman, they weren’t kidding!!  Can I just pitch a little hissy fit before I start my sharing about how hard it is to express back to you what I am seeing when every other word is being held back in my throat!!  Geez Louise!!  And yet… no replacement words.  I do not find it comforting or even funny when spirit says we have no words in our known language to express accurately what they are showing me.  How the hell do I say it then??  It’s time for you to really work your telepathy skills let me tell ya!!  Some have, which really makes it so much easier for me. Continue reading