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A New Olympic False Flag To Trigger Instating NWO – With Comment Lucas – 8 August 2012

Thanks Jean! Published on Jul 22, 2012 by 

I think I have FOUND THE potential DATE hidden in plain sight OF the Coming LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC EVENT (False Flag).
If you watch this and think its valid then copy it add to it do whatever to get the message out there. Continue reading


Lucas – As Predicted The Fearmongering And Unconstitutional Behaviour Go Further – 26 June 2012

Lucas:  A lot of the things were already in the  making and predicted.

1- An attack on the Olympics :  The warning is out! What a timing.  Do not let you get into fear about that as it will not happen.  This is via The Times of India:

LONDON: Britain has seen a credible terrorist attack plot about once a year since the Sept.11 attacks – a worrying pattern as security officials brace for an array of threats ahead of next month’s summer Olympics, the head of the country’s domestic spy agency says. Continue reading