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Wes Annac – Solara – On False Prophets And Feeling The Emotions Of The Higher Realms – 29 November 2011

Solara -channeled through Wes Annac-original article link

Dearest souls, there is a pressing issue on your world that we in the higher realms feel needs addressing, and this is the issue of false prophets. Many of you are beginning to notice souls who are coming out of the woodwork with vast intelligence, but who will attempt to lead you astray with their words. The dark energies have attached themselves to many souls on your world, so successfully that sometimes the very souls being used for dark purposes do not realize that they are being deceived and that they are being led to deceive those who follow them and listen to their words. We guide to you all now to know and feel the true power you carry within you, and to never let that power be squandered. Dear ones do not let the perceived realities of others attach to your own beliefs and knowledge about the reality around you, for you are all experiencing Creation differently. Continue reading