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FBI Investigates 80 Page Letter Sent To U.S. Governors (Discernment!) – 29 December 2013

(Lucas: This information in any ways to me that the Freedom movement is to  be discredited by the information spread here….. It is that what it’s purpose is… Watch and discern!! An immediate qualified as extremist group came out of the mouth of the newsreadser and later was called sovereign citizen extremist group by the the female voice over this seems very good evidence that it is just for fear mongering and discrediting purpose instigated. And sentences as: “an explosive growth of right-wing activity” and “the rage out there has to do with rapidly changing demographics …..” etc, all that is good chosen strong an indicative words to brainwash you in thinking something that is not there but they want you to belief. It is the same they do know with all sorts of know terrorist acts and name it terrorist: like nature terrorist, etc.  Get conditioned people, see the dangers in what CNN and other mainstream media are still doing!)

Video: FBI Investigates Letter Sent To State Governors Which Demands Of Them “Step Down Or Be Removed” : Posted By: Watchman Date: Sunday, 29-Dec-2013 11:04:38  on Rumormillnews.com

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