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FCC Moves Forward With New Net Neutrality Rules Amid Protests – 15 May 2014

RT logoThe Federal Communication Commission voted Thursday morning to move forward with proposed rules for net neutrality that may affect the concept of an open internet as it exists today.

Led by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the committee agreed by way of a three-two vote during a hearing in Washington, DC early Thursday to open up recently proposed rules concerning the future of net neutrality for comment, effectively allowing interested parties 120 days beginning immediately to weigh in on those recommendations ahead of a final decision expected later this year.

The Wheeler-authored proposal addresses problems that gave way in January when a federal appeals court reversed an earlier ruling, in turn deciding that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, can legally prioritize some web traffic over others. In response, Wheeler circulated among his committee a notice of proposed rulemaking that addressed the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ remand of portions of the Commission’s 2010 Open Internet Order and offered “enforceable rules to protect and promote the opein nternet.”

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