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CLN – Alex Newman – World Bank Insider Blows Whistle On Corruption, Federal Reserve – 24 May 2013

World_Bank_building_at_WashingtonA former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained. In an interview with The New American, Hudes said that when she tried to blow the whistle on multiple problems at the World Bank, she was fired for her efforts. Now, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers, Hudes is determined to expose and end the corruption. And she is confident of success. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – In the Money, Federal Reserve, World Banks Foreclosed On – 8 February 2013

BillBallard1This needs to get spread far and wide…

In the Money, Federal Reserve, World Banks Foreclosed On
Bring the system to a halt and we can shift it… If everyone does not participate… Then NOTHING shall change and you hand over your power to the controllers.


OPPT Gets Attention In The Mainstream Media – In the Money, Federal Reserve, World Banks Foreclosed On – 8 February 2013

The news has been broke, the world banks have been legally and officially  foreclosed on. Yes, reread what you have just read, the world banks have been legally foreclosed on. The Federal Reserve, The Hague, The World Bank,The United Nations, The IMF, the BIS ( Bank of International Settlements), and many others are included. Continue reading

Deep Space – Commentary On Insider Drake, Mass Arrests, Project Blue Beam, And The Federal Reserve Banking Scam [video] – 10 May 2012

( Lucas: I have posted this to let you see how the reasoning of some people is to discredit or not see what is out there and even proven with real evidence. So what is disinformation. I think this commentary is a good example. Talking about psy-ops and false flag ET etc. You should know by now that there is proof enough released and disclosed about ET that a statement like come on people they are man-made is in itself ridiculous. But See for yourself.  And remember see, hear and read all with discernment even this note of mine. Not all might be your truth or  the whole truth or even a distorted truth. In my opinion this guy us terribly misinformed. )

Continue reading

David Wilcock – (update) Financial Tyranny – Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – Section Five: Bretton Woods And The BIS – 28 January 2012

(part 5 or section five of the Financial Tyranny article updated, section six are only comments)


We are investigating Financial Tyranny — on a global scale — and what we have just learned in the previous four sections is shocking.

80 percent of the world’s wealth appears to be earned by a “core” of 1,318 corporations, which in turn are being controlled by only 147 companies. 75 percent of these companies are financial institutions — and the top companies on the list are the Federal Reserve banks. Continue reading

Kauilapele – What David Wilcock Added On January 23 To Part 1 Of “Financial Tyranny”… Why? Because I Feel It’s Important… – 28 January 2012

This short piece, an addendum written recently by David for the end of Section 1 of his “Financial Tyranny” article, demonstrates why he and his work are of such importance to this awakening of humanity we are now witnessing, and of which we are all a part.

The most significant words in this, from my view, are below.

“As of January 23rd, 2012, I have heard from my top insiders that there are seismic waves of shock rippling through this community at the level of bravery I have demonstrated here by revealing all of this to you.

“These peacekeepers will, at the right moment, lay down their lives — if necessary — for your freedom.”

This is not his ego speaking. It is a fact. This is courage of the highest order. Continue reading

David Wilcock – FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time – Section Four: The Occult Economy (updated) – 22 January 2012

(David Wilcock his Financial Tyranny , Part 4 or section 4 updated)

The greatest victory of the Federal Reserve cabal has been the ability to print money out of thin air. Creating 26 Trillion dollars of bailouts for their own banks and financial institutions was quite a stunt — as we discussed. Continue reading