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Feds Start Rounding Up Wild Horses In Utah – 14 April 2014

RT logoAnother standoff between federal officials and rural rangers has the potential to escalate in Utah just one state away from where a similar dispute recently propelled a disagreement there to the national spotlight.

The United States Bureau of Land Management says that there should be no more than 300 wild horses grazing in a chunk of southern Utah’s Iron County, Reuters reported over the weekend, but federal officials estimate that the number is actually closer to 2,000. Now as the feds attempt to figure out how to get their hands on the animals in order to literally thin the heard, wild horse preservation groups are stepping up and speaking out.

Officials with the both the BLM and Iron County are attempting to wrangle up the wild horses that roam freely in federally-designated herd management zones, but advocates say such an operation is against the law.

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