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Visionkeeper – Feel The Truth – 13 November 2012

(picture by www .favim.com.)

The Mayan video discussion we had on Sunday was a wonderful opportunity to practice ‘feeling our truth’.  I believe that is why I was urged to post it unbeknownst to me at the time. So much of the time we have been trained to believe the truth with our minds and our eyes, never have we been encouraged to understand the truth by feeling it. That would be most dangerous for the dark ones to have us feeling the real truth! Take the butterfly in the picture for example. Other than the fact we’ve never seen one like this and some may have Photoshop expertise, doesn’t your gut feeling tell you this is an altered picture? Hard to explain why really, it just does not FEEL real! This is a tool we need to hone our skills on. Sunday ended up being a great exercise of searching deeply for what we FELT was the truth with that video, we had to stretch our minds and dig deep. We need to be doing more of this everyday to keep our abilities of discernment active and polished, for being able to feel out the truth is critical in this time of so many illusions. Continue reading