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Kauilapele – What David Wilcock Added On January 23 To Part 1 Of “Financial Tyranny”… Why? Because I Feel It’s Important… – 28 January 2012

This short piece, an addendum written recently by David for the end of Section 1 of his “Financial Tyranny” article, demonstrates why he and his work are of such importance to this awakening of humanity we are now witnessing, and of which we are all a part.

The most significant words in this, from my view, are below.

“As of January 23rd, 2012, I have heard from my top insiders that there are seismic waves of shock rippling through this community at the level of bravery I have demonstrated here by revealing all of this to you.

“These peacekeepers will, at the right moment, lay down their lives — if necessary — for your freedom.”

This is not his ego speaking. It is a fact. This is courage of the highest order. Continue reading