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Jon Rappoport – Film, Consciousness, And Mystery – 25 July 2014

jon7There is more mystery in two minutes of David Lynch’s Inland Empire than in all American films produced in the last 50 years.

The first films ever made registered like dreams with audiences, and they were made with that idea in mind.

Mystery. A priceless commodity which has no market.

I’m not talking traditional suspense, which depends on beginning, middle, and end, and clues sprinkled on the way to a satisfying resolution. That is organized mystery, a contradiction in terms. Continue reading


The Interstellar Video

There are enormous starships orbiting around earth, and that some are in high space (between earth and a short distance past the moon), while others are in deep space possibly millions of miles from earth.

John Lenard Walson created an apparatus for his “TELESCOPE” that enabled him to find and film them, and, along with Mr Escamilla has been filming these enormous ‘starships’ in space. The film also claims that the documentation/evidence has garnered acclaim by certain scientists at NASA and Cambridge University. This film attempts to reveal them for the first time, and prove the reality of their existence.

Dorothy Izatt UFO Unsolved!

Great footage of UFO lights and pictures going back till 1974.


The Green Beautiful Film (a must see) in 9 parts

The Green Beautiful Film in 9 parts with English subs.  It sheers you up and gives a laugh. Just fun with a core of truth in it.