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UFO Report – New Years Eve Taipeh – Taiwan – 2 January 2012

Uploaded 1st Jan. 2012 by SosickGraphics on YouTube. 4 different people filmed  the UFO appearing in Taipeh – Taiwan in the last minutes of 31th Dec. 2011.

My thanks  go to Radiovoj Radivojevic.


UFO Fleet Filmed Over Moldavia May 2011

UFOs Sighted and Filmed, Izmir, Turkey 4 September 2011

UFO, New Zealand, with Nightvision Camera Filmed, 31 Augustus 2011

Hollow Earth Filmed

This is a recording of the opening of the Hollow earth, clouds move in and through the holes. The source of the video is unknown, but was leaked by someone at NASA, it is authentic. This video is completely real, there is no manipulation or a volcano or anything like that, what you’re seeing is most likely shot from the space shuttle STS-80-USA- by NASA in 1996, as you can see the recording is part of the fuselage of the shuttle that was recorded at the time of filming.

For an explanation of what you’re seeing

(Please set the music off or the speaker volume down!!! Someone mixed music in the video, that can distract you from reading.)



UFO’s Following NY Earthquake Filmed While Filming Plane

Angles of UFO Filmed from Airplane Passenger Over United Kingdom Aug. 2011

2 films the first one is  from 7 August 2011, the last one is from 18 August 2008. Both seem to show the same objects and both filmed from an airplane.

UFO filmed over Jingxian, China, August 2011


This video i have come across on my group on facebook shows footage of July 2011 of NASA i have never seen before.

The video speaks for it self.


UFO filmed from the ISS July 25, 2011