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EU Publishes Russia Sanctions List: Energy, Finance, Defense Targeted – 12 September 2014

RT logoArms producer Kalashnikov and oil giant Rosneft are among Russian companies hit by a new round of EU sanctions, which have come into effect Friday morning upon being published in the EU Official Journal.

Moscow on sanctions: ‘EU unwilling to see Russia’s efforts on Ukraine’

The sanctions target the finance, energy and defense sectors. The union has restricted three Russian energy companies from raising long-term debt on European capital markets – Rosneft, Transneft and Gazprom Neft.

The EU has also halted services Russia needs to extract oil and gas in the Arctic, deep sea and shale extraction projects.

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Finance, Energy & Defense Sectors: EU And US Set To Impose New Russia Sanctions – 11 September 2014

RT logoBarack Obama says he is joining the EU initiative to impose a new round of sanctions on Russia. Both Washington and Brussels say the sanctions will target finance, energy and defense sectors – yet can be revoked if the situation in Ukraine improves.

The US is to provide details of their sanctions on Friday.

These measures will increase Russia’s political isolation as well as the economic costs to Russia, especially in areas of importance to President [Vladimir] Putin and those close to him,” US President Barack Obama said in a statement on Thursday.

The US says that Russia has sent heavily armed forces to Ukraine. Obama added that the US may withdraw sanctions if Russia fulfills obligations under the Minsk agreement.
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G-7 Finance Chiefs Vow to Support Banks as Euro-Zone Crisis Roils Markets

G & Finance Chiefs Vow To Support Banks As Euro Zone Crisis Roils Markets 

via Bloomberg.com by Simon Kennedy and Theophilos Argitis

Ben Fulford on Meeting of Finance Ministers

Ben Fulford on Meeting of Finance Ministers. via SteveBeckow.com


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