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The Full Story Edited Untill 16 th Jan. 2012 By David Wilcock – Financial Tyranny : Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – 16 January 2012

( A Four Part publishing of David Wilcock his work starting with part 1)
A 122-nation alliance is backing a lawsuit that could free the Earth from financial tyranny. This investigation reveals who the perpetrators are and what we can do to solve the problem.
[PLEASE NOTE: This article will be undergoing dynamic updates throughout the weekend. Please LINK to it but do not COPY and MIRROR it until Monday. I highly recommend reloading every 15 minutes to catch small but relevant updates.]
2012 has begun as a year of rampant paranoia and hopelessness on the Internet and throughout mainstream media.
The economy appears to be in a dire predicament — ready to go over a cliff into an abyss few can even allow themselves to consider.
The Euro has been teetering on the brink of total collapse. A frantic bailout of the entire European Union, proposed by the Federal Reserve, has done very little to relieve the fears of the public. Continue reading

David Wilcock – Breaking News – The Full Story is OUT- FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time – 14 January 2012

David Wilcock finished 12 January 2012 after his first two parts about the lawsuit and a treath to his life his comprehensive story about the Financial Tyranny.

As The story is still under changes at his site the whole story will be posted by my on Monday.  Now  I will just asked he asked put a link to his site to the Story.

It also contains a comment on Benjamin Fulford’s latest statements.

Spread the message and link as far out as you can. The message has to get to every corner of the planet.  link to original article