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Finding Voices Radio – Freedom Central – Mel Ve Interviews Eric Jon Phelps – Taking On The Vatican – 16 May 2012

(Lucas: I am putting a discernment notice on this information as it can be disturbing or even can be adverse your beliefs or your opinion!!)

This is an in studio recording of one of our regular Sunday night radio shows on Finding Voices Radio. Freedom Central talks to Eric Jon Phelps, researcher and author of the highly acclaimed VATICAN ASSASSINS. http://www.findingvoicesradio.com Continue reading


Freedom Central – Finding Voices Radio – 6.00 -8.00 PM GMT – Kevin Annett : Exposes 50.000 Death Of Native Children By Canadian Catholic Schools – 29 April 2012

Today we will be joined by Kevin Annett, minister who exposed the death of over 50 000 native children by the Canadian Catholic Residential Schools. He is now bringing the Vatican to account with his attempts to launch an international tribunal into crimes of the church and state. Join Freedom Central this evening on Finding Voices Radio from 6 – 8pm GMT Sunday 29 April 2012

direct link to radio http://www.findingvoicesradio.com

New International Radio Show on Finding Voices Radio – Freedom Central

Finding Voices Radio the free spirit radio station by Jeroen Ghuijs is giving the new Freedom Central a platform to host a radioshow on his internet radio station. Weekly on Sundays 18.00 – 20.00 (GMT) or 19.00 – 21.00

Freedom Central is an alternative information platform which provides views and topics that you will not find in the main stream media. We answer to no bosses and do not work for money, as we fund our own travels and rely on contributions from the truth seeking community to bring you productions to provide you many different and alternative perspectives to the world we live in. We do not wish to convince you of anything…the power to make up your own mind is the greatest power you have, and thus, we empower you to decide what you want to believe…

The show is weekly on Sunday. Mel Sunday 15 January 2012 will  be talking all things health, including Codex Alimentarius, the war on raw, natural cancer cures, as well as being joined by my life long friend, Jennifer Shaia Wolf, an athlete and pilot who if thriving without animal products. The shows will be archived so if your miss it you can listen always on a later moment.

The link to the radio show is on my blog. Otherwise check in via Finding Voices Radio’s website http://www.findingvoicesradio.com